site updates

New blog layout and a lot of new youtuber links added as well as a few neocities sites. Will add more to misc sites soon


Fixed links, updated blog with some big things. Apologies for silence


New guestbook link since old host died. Old messages lost forever so sign sign if you can! New links added to the links page! Bigger updates soon- I prommy!


Nothing big- just edited site buttons a bit and fixed some messy html and typos, added marquees to about page with buttons and stamps I like.


Jaup button added, links completely updated (added youtubers and sites and stuff)


Error 404 page added, new scroll bar added, portfolio replaced with curator widget, buttons and blinkies added to about, commission link added to portfolio page and removed from nav (for now), blog added to nav (though not quite finished but readable), web ring button added


About page added, new home page, updated projects page, old blog retired but visible here, commissions page updated. New game dev currently being coded.

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