Publicly Available Projects

Devil's Food

Devil's food was a little project developed I developed in 2020 to test out the program Renpy.

The objective of the game is to survive the day with two pastel goths, Angel and Strawberry Cakes. It is a bit silly and nonsensical and has a little bit of gore.

It features beta versions of the two characters designs, so newer work involving the two will look slightly different.

Devil's Food Download

Squid Girl World

An 18+ comic exploring a world that has been overtaken by mushrooms.

Updates sporadically and is hosted elsewhere to keep NSFW work off my main site.

Not technically up Yet! But it's here just because It will be Very Soon.

In The Works Projects


Ommatophilia is my current project.

Three best friends in the Ithal, the most Perfect realm with NO issues! Ithal is where every creature should be- there are no problems. All is good

Aiming for a late 2021 or early 2022 release but we will see. It will likely have a paraquel.


A visual novel about a dating sim gone wrong.

I wok on it in my spare time. There is no release date set.